Ridgefield Swans

Ridgefield Swans


Happy Valentines Day! Soundscape is back with a special valentine dedication. This one goes out to my sweetheart. There is perhaps no better representative of devotion in the animal kingdom than that of the swan. They mate for life and look good doing it! (I happen to think they sound good too.) In our soundscape at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, recorded January 30, 2024, we hear two species. In the foreground is the call of the Trumpeter Swan. In the background is the Tundra Swan. The Trumpeter sounds like a brassy, oh-OH, while the Tundra sounds more like woo or oo-ou-oo. You’ll hear Canada Geese, Mallards, and even a Marsh Wren too.

Going forward, free subscribers will be able to listen to 5 min audio episodes. Paying subscribers will get the complete recordings, clocking in anywhere from 10-90 minutes! This one is about 15 minutes long. Enjoy!

Trumpeter Swans photo: Chad Crouch
Sweethearts photo: Chad Crouch

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